Friday 29 April 2016


Happy Friday everyone! This evening we went for a walk in Crickhowell Bluebell woods at sunset - such a stunningly beautiful experience.

It is ancient woodland with native British Bluebells - the ones with the long, narrow bells, not the imported Spanish Bluebells with the larger, wider and paler bells. Not that the Spanish ones aren't just as beautiful!

We could hear a woodpecker hammering away with his beak, and saw plenty of evidence of his presence with patches of bark that looked like someone had been using the tree for archery practice!  I was surprised at how low down his efforts were - I had always assumed that they would be high up, but these were only about 2 feet from the ground. We didn't get to see him though - our clumsy human bumblings must have scared him off well before we were within sight.

It is only a small woodland - it takes about 20 mins to do a circular walk, but the views all around are just spectacular with gaps in the trees giving glimpses of the Brecon Beacons to the left and the Black Mountains to the right. With the sun beginning to set, the lighting was just magical. Feeling overwhelmingly inspired, I am about to start some new paintings and have come up with ideas for both knitting and crochet patterns!  Watch this space...

For now, here are a few of my photo's:

*Please note that I have shared these photo's for your viewing pleasure only - if you wish to use any of these images for publication or wish to copy or reproduce them in any way, please ask my permission.

Love & hugs
Claire-Clutterbug xx

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