Saturday 21 June 2014

Happy Saturday!

I didn't mean to blog on a daily basis, but I've had such a lovely day I had to share, so hello again!

Firstly, our hard work in the garden is starting to pay off - we've got some lovely colourful blooms at the moment:

 My 'Nostalgia' rose - creamy white in the centre fading to deep burgundy at the the tips of the petals.  My favourite plant by a long way!
Some lovely colourful Dianthus - don't they just make you smile?

And my gooseberries look like they're ready!  I've got quite a crop this year!  (apologies to any arachnophobes - I wouldn't have got so close if I'd realised the little spider was making a web on them...but it's helping with pest control so I'll leave it be.

After doing the housework this morning, my husband and I pootled off to Abergavenny to have a nose around a house that's up for sale.  It was perfect, so just have to hope ours sells soon. Keep your fingers crossed. I love Abergavenny in case you hadn't guessed!

Whilst there, we popped into The Wool Croft to gaze lovingly at the yarns and have a little squish!  They sell such beautiful yarns....sigh.  I was tempted by some of the Katia Ribbon Yarn to make a little pouffe, but I have far too much to do at the moment so I resisted.

I couldn't, however, resist buying myself some strawberries, and my lovely husband bought me a little gift too!:
 Look what was inside - aren't they gorgeous?  A little set of four woodland lunchboxes from Cuddle and Cwtch - perfect for my packed lunch!  I can have one for crudites, one for houmous, one for strawberries and one for snacking nuts, seeds and fruits!
Whilst in Cuddle and Cwtch, looking at all the beautiful little dresses for little girls, I decided I just have to make something I've seen on Pinterest (but with my own twist of course!) It's a free pattern on Ravelry - Granny Square Crochet/Fabric Dress by Mon Petit Violon. I've been in love with the pattern for a while, but sewing is something of a chore for me. I don't know why - I enjoy embroidery and cross stitch, but for some reason I feel the same way about sewing construction as I do about cleaning the bathroom! But it's so cute I've got to give it a go.  So I bought a few metres of cotton fabric:

I love the first two fabrics, and with the two reds I'm toying with an idea for crocheting strawberries and cherries into the squares....I was all set to start on them tonight when I remembered I have loaned my sewing machine to someone, and they are on holiday so it will have to be put on hold for a couple of weeks.

So tonight I am making a daisy garland/bunting instead. Although I have just discovered Clipper Sleep Easy Tea (orange, cinnamon, chamomile and valerian mmmmmmmm yummy!) hopefully I won't doze off, crochet hook in hand!

Love & hugs
Claire Clutterbug xx

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